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Lab Experiment
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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
Test Tubes

How to use ?

Natural product analysis tools

First of All

Thank you for choosing our online tool! Please retrieve the FTIR spectra data files with ".txt" extension from your testing device's interface or software: Select the desired wavelength range, which should strictly be enforced within 400-4000 reciprocal wavelength. Download or export the data files that contain the corresponding absorption rates.

Second Step

To begin the analysis process, locate the designated upload region on this page. Our system supports the upload of multiple files, up to ten files in one go, using our analysis tool. Feel free to upload the necessary files, and our tool will efficiently process them for you.


Simply click on the "Upload" button, and our system will process the files you've uploaded. As you've uploaded multiple files, the processed results will appear below the uploading region, one by one, corresponding to the number of files you uploaded. It's as easy as that!


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